...are a company that wishes to address legal issues flexibly, seeking pragmatic, yet reliable solutions, legal risk management, highly qualified support — especially when your business grows or transforms.


...are an alliance of independent, yet well-orchestrated lawyers, each with strong expertise in his specific field.

To maximize our clients' value-add, we take a novel approach: to be maximally effective and efficiently organized at the same time, we operate in independent law firms using modern technology. We collaborate seamlessly where this is beneficial for the outcome. We work transparently and customer-focused right from the start, but stay as flexible as possible.

Our experience and expertise allow us to evaluate the issues from different angles. We are thus able to identify a broad range of needs and options and then act on them, advising as part of a team to find lean solutions without frills.
Based on our personal connections and our networks, we can draw flexibly on competencies and resources and thus achieve an optimized and customized solution for you.

We should get to know each other...

Whether virtually or in person—let's get to know each other and exchange visions and ideas! Let's see "whether chemistry is right among us". We are happy to start a non-binding conversation.

... and work together

We will be glad to analyze your legal task and discuss the appropriate steps together. We elucidate the legal framework to you and suggest how we can improve your risk profile and master your challenges together. You will then decide whether we have found a common path and will subsequently work with us.

We use existing building blocks as much as possible and advise you individually on how best to use them. In discussion with you, we will develop a tailor-made solution based on all this.