Law Office Baltasar Cevc Erlangen (lawyer, attorney)

Baltasar Cevc is your legal counsel for technical questions, especially regarding software and electronics. He has experience ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations. He has worked in industry corporations for several years—therefore he has a strong understanding of business. Formerly also employed as an IT specialist, he loves to deal with issues relating to IT law, data protection or intellectual property as well as cooperation between competitors (consortia and standardization) and compliance processes. He especially likes to work in the area of "digital health".

In addition to his activities as a lawyer, he is intensively involved in the more efficient and customer-friendly organization of legal services and the use of technology solutions in legal advice ("Legal Technology") and advises on such topics under the name cevc consulting.

He has himself experienced the beautiful and challenging sides of the founding of a start-up, riscography solutions GmbH.

Baltasar likes to combine office and leisure time with cycling, even over medium-long distances; so in his leisure time he likes to ride downhill, especially on technically demanding and on flow trails. Occasionally he practices mastering the water on a kayak. He also loves the city with its offers of traditional culture and subculture, loves music and plays and practices saxophone far too rarely.



Activities and memberships

Host of

  • Legal Tech & Innovation Nuremberg as well as Nuremberg Legal Hackers (both as initiator and co-organizer)
  • Syndikus-Kreis Franken/Nordbayern (co-founder and co-organizer)


Passive memberships

Partner of the Erlangen citizen charitable foundation Buergerstiftung Erlangen


Rechtsanwalt Baltasar Cevc
Fichtestr. 42
91054 Erlangen

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