Privacy notice


This document explains you the data processing we do with your data. It explains who we are, which data we are working on, the reasons for their processing and your rights.

The responsible person for the data processing is Rechtsanwalt (attorney-at-law) Baltasar Cevc.

This document only describes data processing in the context of the fingolex alliance. This does not include the data processing of the law offices in the context of individual acquisitions and case processing.

We have the following processing activities:


  • Our web server collects and saves information about page access including their status for a few days for the purpose of error correction and attack analysis.
    (further information)

  • We create anonymous statistics about the use or our site. As we want to use relations between the pages for that purpose, we use cookies to re-identify you as a previous user (we just do that if you have given your consent).

  • We use a German provider for technical delivery of this site.

  • Potentially integrated maps are served by the community project OpenStreetMap; in such cases your browser will directly connect the servers run by the association which hosts the project.

Social Media

We use social media presences. All of our activities there are in line with privacy requirements and the rules of the respective platform. We further act within the common netiquette of the platforms. Please find further information regarding the privacy on certain platforms in the respective sections linked below:

Responsible data controller

The responsible data controller is Baltasar Cevc, Fichtestraße 42, 91054 Erlangen, who can be reached via Email at and as further specified in the imprint page. Please contact him in case you have any questions or want to exercise your rights.

Your Rights

You can ask for information about your data we process, including transmission to third parties; you may also ask for correction and for deletion or restriction of processing of the data. We hereby inform you that for data saved in conjunction with our website, we regularly do not have the possibility to attribute the data to you ourselves and we may hence need further information from you to fulfil the request; in such cases we will inform you accordingly and provide you with the requested information as soon as we have received the necessary further information. Please contact us directly in all such cases (you find the contact paths in the imprint).

For data we process based on your consent or to fulfill a contractual relationship, you can request a copy of such data. However, we will exclude data whose handover would infringe rights and freedoms of third parties.

In case we process your data based on legitimate interest, you have the right to object based on grounds relating to your particular situation.

Furthermore, you have the statutory right to address a responsible data protection authority.

In order to prevent cookies and statistics on usage, we recommend that you first use the "Do not Track" functionality of your browser and deactivating cookies. Our statistics system automatically takes this into account. Furthermore, we ask for your permission on your first visit and cyclically. Once you have selected a setting, you can change it at any time under Cookie settings.

Detailed information

Website, Cookies & Tracking


This website is delivered from a server system that is hosted by netcup GmbH with seat in Karlsruhe and servers in Germany. While the software is run by the responsible, it cannot be fully ruled out that the hoster gets in touch with personal data – this then takes place in form of commissioned data processing.

Server protocol: IP addresses and pages requested

Our system saves access log. They generally contain:

  • The requested address (URL)
  • Your browser type, version and operating system used (as transmitted by your browser)
  • The page from which the URL has been access (referrer, as and insofar transmitted by your browser)
  • The timestamp of accessing the page
  • Your IP Address
  • The result of the request (status-code) (e.g. whether the page has successfully been loaded, has been redirected to another page or whether/which error has occurred)
  • We cannot attribute this data to any person; the IP address could potentially be resolved to the owner of the internet contract by your provider (we will not ask for that). Solely for cases of illegal usage (such as hacking) we reserve the right to verify the data at a later stage and to take further action.

The data processing including saving is based on legitimate interest for the purpose of error and attack diagnosis.

Logfiles are being saved for seven days.

SSL encryption

Your communication will in all regular cases be encrypted (TLS/SSL), so data cannot be read by third parties with reasonable effort (we cannot completely exclude it, though). You will see your browsers marking for encrypted sites.


Login is restricted to authorized users who are informed in a different way about privacy. Hence, there is no further information here.

Usage statistics

We create statistics about your use of our website. We cannot attribute this information to you as a person, especially we do not correlate them with any personal data you may have entered such as your name or email address. Hence, no personal data should be created. We use the statistics tool matomo with privacy friendly settings, for example we anonymize your IP address before saving it.

The data processing is based on our legitimate interest which lies in adapting our page to your needs and interests. You may object such processing, for further information see section your rights. In that case we will set a cookie stating that you do not want to be tracked and our system will not set any tracking cookies.

We use the following data for creating statistics:

  • IP address (anonymized, for IPv4 addresses that is done by dropping half of the address and only using the first two bytes of the addresses)
  • Date and time
  • Title of the page being viewed
  • URL of the page being viewed
  • URL of the page that was viewed prior to the current page
  • Time in local timezone
  • Files that were clicked and downloaded
  • Link clicks to an outside domain
  • Pages generation time
  • Country, region, city
  • Main Language of the browser
  • User Agent of the browser
  • Matomo's visitor config_id, a string that is salted and only valid for a restricted period of time leveraging your attributes and settings.

Cookies – What they are and how we use them

Internet sites are stateless by default. That is, the server basically does not know who you are, where you come from and whether you have already visited the site. Cookies help to establish a status. Thanks to them, the server may, for example, identify whether you have logged in as a user or whether you have recently visited the page. This is done by sending your browser tiny text files, which your software saves and sends to the server together with the next request. Further information can be found in Wikipedia. You may change your preference at any time (please see chapter “Your rights“).

Besides that, you can always set your browser to not accept any cookies. Should that lead to any restrictions in use of this page, please let us know as such consequences are unintended and we will look for solutions to them.

Cookies used

The CMS system may set the kirby_session cookie which is used solely for technically efficient delivery of the pages (e.g. language selection and login for authorized users) and not analyzed regarding usage.

Apart that, we do not use cookies.

Revoking your cookie settings and cookie consent

You can reset your cookie settings for this page anytime by deleting the cookies or by clicking on the following button. As far as you have made your cookie choice, one single cookie will be set in any case.


Social Media: LinkedIn

We maintain a LinkedIn company page. LinkedIn is an offering provided in Europe by LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company with seat in the Republic of Ireland.

For using LinkedIn, users need to register and thereby provide further data to the company. Registered users can follow our page, take notice of our postings and interact with them, e.g. by showing reactions to them, commenting them or sharing them. All such activities are mostly public within LinkedIn, that is, they can be seen by other registered users.

The data processing is controlled by LinkedIn and we only see public activities and aggregated statistics regarding our page (e.g. how often a message has been shown to users).

You may find further information regarding data processing within LinkedIn in the LinkedIn privacy policy.

Forms using Microsoft Forms

We sometimes collect survey responses using Microsoft® Forms. Microsoft acts as a processor when collecting such data. The actual data processed and which fields are required depend on the form. The period for which we retain the data equally depends on the form as it is specific to the purpose. We will describe it in the form header; data will be deteletd as soon as there is no further need for it. Any non-mandatory fields are optional. You are free not to fill out a form and to contact us via alternative means of contact.

Unless designated otherwise, we process data based on contract, which is in the request for a specific service, data or information that you are asking for in the form you are filling.

Further details about Microsoft's processing of personal data can be found here: Microsoft's privacy statement